About Elizabeth Parker, LPC

The Road to Healing Begins Here

My purpose is to help young adults struggling with early life transitional challenges. My passion lies within the self-discovery process that is often one of the first times self-doubt is experienced and it can be an earth-shaking experience.

I can remember the very first time I was faced with making an impactful adult decision and how absolutely lost I felt. Have you ever felt this way? Perhaps you avoid making decisions, mask your feelings with partying or substances or maybe you identify as anxious or depressed.

Maybe I am the first person to tell you this but that doesn’t have to be the way you spend your twenties. Even though it may seem like a fairytale, happiness is possible for you. Imagine living life comfortable in your own skin, laughing and confident in the decisions you make for your life.

My Story

I used to think therapy was kind of weird and when I first went when I was 17 years old I specifically remember lying to my therapist. I remember feeling unsafe and therefore I was not going to tell one ounce of my truth. That all changed when I met the therapist that I still check in with until this day. My experience in the therapeutic room changed my entire life and that is why I get to meet you today.

I am continuously inspired by meeting people who want to change their story – who fight for a different ending. I have been in your shoes and somehow I believe that has made me an effective therapist. I often receive feedback from my clients that they feel comfortable enough to share the struggles of their life with me and because of this safety they take the opportunity to fight for the life they deserve.

My Background

I graduated from Texas Wesleyan University with a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling in 2015. I have had the pleasure of working in a wide array of therapeutic settings and have met so many wonderful people who are simply looking for support and guidance. I have worked in the psychiatric hospital setting with those struggling with severe mental illness, residential treatment for those struggling with substance abuse as well as outpatient private practice. After my own personal EMDR treatment when I was 17 I pursued training in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) myself in order to support those who have survived traumatic experiences. Spending time in various therapeutic atmospheres for the past 4 years led me to open my own private practice in 2019. Opening my own private practice is a true full circle moment for me and I am honored to meet each and every one of my clients.

Fun Facts About Me

When I am not working you can most likely find me hanging out with my 2 beautiful Australian Shepherds! That’s right – I’m a dog mom. Family and Friends are extremely important in my life and so I regularly spend time laughing, swimming and singing karaoke with the people closest to my heart. I lived in Austin, Texas for close to 5 years and I still find myself slipping 3 hours away to the city that always shows me an unforgettable time. In my world the happiest place on earth is the beach, any beach, so when possible, I escape to the water where I can continue to foster my obsession with sharks. Is it Shark Week yet?

Why Work With Me

My approach is light-hearted but direct. Counseling is my passion and it shows through my ability to gingerly approach the patterns in your life that need change. I truly feel that I was meant to be a counselor and I find great reward in being just a small part in your healing process. If you are looking for someone who can relate to the fast-changing young adult world then I will be a good fit for you.

Your Next Step

I am so happy that you have taken the time to read about me and how I can be support for you. The next step is to pick up your phone and give me call to schedule an appointment. I genuinely can’t wait to meet you so you can begin changing your life, too.

Call Me: 817-527-5544

1751 River Run Suite #246
Fort Worth, TX 76107


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